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The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Ordering 


For most restaurant owners, offering online ordering to their customers is new territory. In today’s climate, it is essential to provide this service considering new laws and safety guidelines. So, here are a few quick tips to help. 


Promote! Promote! Promote! 

Now that you have online ordering, who needs to know, everyone. So, get the word out! Post an announcement on all your social media accounts and be sure to add your online ordering link.  

Claim your restaurant (if you have not already done so) on Google & Yelp and update your profile links so customers can order your yummy items with just a simple click.  

Post a message or design on your website using pop-ups, banners, or images to make sure your customers know you offer online ordering. Use traditional in-house marketing materials like table tents, posters, or message boards to get the word out also!

Hot tip: doesn’t hurt to offer a discount for the first online order.  


Less Means More 

When deciding what should go on your online ordering menu, keep it as simple as possible. The more options you have, the harder it is for the customers to decide. Also, it can make your menu appear too busy and overwhelming.  

Instead, pick your top-selling or most popular items accompanied by simple customization options. Offering a simple menu will make it less confusing for your customers and your kitchen.   

But if you MUST, at least make it well-organized in categories. 


Take Pride & Pictures of your Food 

A picture says a thousand words, and your customers will thank you for it. Customers are more likely to choose an item if they can see it beforehand. So, activate your creative juices, and show off your delicious entrees.  


Do Not be Scared to Charge a Little Extra 

The restaurant industry has had to adjust in so many ways as of late. But one thing has remained, the demand for your amazing food. So, do not be afraid to charge a little more for your online ordering items.  

Your customers understand and most love to help, especially if that means keeping your establishment open.  


Automated Marketing for Promotions 

Using automated marketing is the best tool since, Automated marketing is an efficient way to communicate promotions to your customers that can be redeemed online. 

Using automated marketing can be set up based on certain parameters and buying behaviors. This is a great way to shower your regulars with exclusive promotions and incentivize customers you have not seen in a while to come back.  

The greatest part is, you just have to set up these parameters once, and sit back and watch automated marketing work for you.   


If all of this is overwhelming or you would like more information on setting up online ordering on your restaurant’s site, click here for more information.