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Online Ordering

Keep 100% of the Order Value.

Online Ordering Dashboard

Online Ordering
through your
restaurant's website

Stop splitting your profits with third party services! Offer your customers the convenience of takeout with Spillover Online Ordering added to your website and keep the entire value of each order. 

Adapt your business to meet
changing customer needs

  • Easily edit and update menus 

  • Unlimited orders 

  • Collect your customer's data for future communication

  • Flexible notification options (iPad App, Printer, Email, Text & more) 

  • Grow your audience with automated email campaigns using ENGAGE Email Marketing and DIME)

  • Enjoy 24/7 Spillover customer support 

Ipad App Dashboard

Use Online Ordering to Collect Customer Information for
Automated, Set and Forget Emails

Send automated intelligent emails to stay in touch with customers based off real time purchases and behavioral data.


Seamless POS Integration

Spillover and Lightspeed have teamed up to offer restaurants a POS solution that lets you run your entire restaurant from an iPad, even if you lose internet connection. 

  • Adjustable floorplans 

  • Customizable menu    

  • Staff reporting

  • Customer profiles  

  • Timed promotions

  • Self-order menu 

  • Other ad-ons 

Lightspeed POS Promo

Happy Spillover Customers


We've got you covered 24/7

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